So, you want to be Spiritual AF? 

Well, then get started! Get rid of EVERY excuse, buckle up and Let's do this!

So, you want to be a Spiritual Bad-ass huh?  Well my friend, you are in the right place.  I am on a mission to help people Punch Fear in the Face and become the most Powerful You that you can be!


I know, I know, you already ARE a bad-ass.  BUT, let's extend that to your spirituality.  We need more people who aren't afraid to step into their personal power and share this message far and wide.

Let's start flooding the world with Healers and Lightworkers!


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I'm Melissa, an Angel Communicator, Spiritual Teacher and Coach who was given the assignment by Spirit to help other people grow their gifts and find their message.

I was told that we need to help make it easier for them so they can  heal themselves faster, and get to healing the world!


I was born a Medium.  I ran from my gifts for a LONG time!

It never works.  Spirit will keep pursuing you until you start to do what you were sent here to do.

Here's a hint, stop running.

Having Spirits around all of the time can be intimidating and scary. This is where I step in to help give you the tools so you can go forward empowered.

You are meant for something big (HUGE).

But you don't know how to go from living in fear to fully embracing your own power and all that you are capable of. 


Let's work together to help change the course of the planet!



I'll help you understand how to help yourself so that:

  • You can figure out what is REALLY holding you back and keeping you stuck

  • What fears and excuses you are allowing to steer you around your life

  • You can understand what is happening to you (no, you aren't as crazy as you thought)

  • We can develop your gifts in a safe and fun environment

  • We can hone in on your strongest gifts and figure out how you can use those to fulfill your life's purpose (Why are you here?)

  • We can parent the next generation of psychic and sensitive kiddos so that we can break the cycle of fear and let them be free to be in their full power their whole lives!


Walk with me to find:

Let's find your inner psychic bad-assery and start sharing it with the world!