Shamana Reiki Healing Session - 60 min


Shamana Reiki Healing Session - 60 min


This is my full healing session. I call it Shamana Reiki because I combine Shamanic healing techniques with a FULL Reiki session. I tune into your energy and start a Reiki session using the usual technique. From there I let Spirit guide me as to what you need at this time. This can include:

  • Extractions - clearing out stuck energy

  • Etherical Surgery - removing energy barbs or sewing up past wounds

  • Soul Retrievals - returning a piece of your soul that is ready to return

  • Attachment Release - releasing any Spirits that may be attached to your person and causing harm

  • And much more…

And you always get a FULL Reiki session on top of anything else.

This appointment is done with the distance method so we do not need to schedule an appointment. You just purchase your healing and that let’s me know you are ready for the work to be done. I will perform the healing in 3-5 business days after purchase and get the .pdf emailed to you.

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