Think you have a psychic/sensitive child?

Then keep reading!


So how do you know if your child IS Psychic/Sensitive anyway?

Ever thought to yourself, "I think little Johnny might be seeing things I don't?"  or "Little Susie seems to feel so many things that are similar to those around her.  Wonder why?". 

If so, you more than likely have yourself a Psychic/Sensitive child my friend!



I'm here to help.

(P.S. This is NOT a bad's actually quite amazing!)


Being a Lightworker can be scary as a child...

We all need someone to guide us in our lives.  If we are lucky as children, those are the people raising us. But when we are Psychic or Sensitive, we REALLY need some guidance!

There is a lot to deal with in life, why add to the stress?  Let's do our part as adults to help Clear the Fear for the next generation of Lightworkers coming up now.


I have a unique perspective...

As a born Medium, I grew up seeing Spirits everywhere I went.  Including in my room at night!  My mom thought I was just making it up, or dreaming it.  (Not her fault, she was just uneducated on the subject)  So she would tell me to "go back to bed and ignore it" or that it "wasn't real".  This led to me being very confused about what was happening around me.  I could see and hear things that others couldn't.  


I am also the mother to 4 AMAZING kiddos who all have gifts of their own.  So I have had to figure out how to parent these little blessings and fill in the gaps that were there when I was growing up.  I never wanted them to feel the same fear, pain and frustration I did when I was growing up.  I had shared my unique way of parenting my kids with some people in my circle and they all started asking for me to help advise them on parenting their little ones with gifts and then that led to coaching them and their children on how to use these gifts and not be afraid.


Here is what one client has to say:

Katie M PS Testimonial.jpg

So, Spirit gave me an assignment...

And here it is!  I've developed a course that is going to help parents of Lightworkers to Clear the Fear for the next generation.


When You Are Done, You Will Know How To Help

In this course you will learn what you need to understand and support your little Lightworkers.


Here is what is covered:

  • How to tell if you have a Psychic/Sensitive Child

  • Brief overview of the categories of these kids (Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids)

  • My experience growing up as a Psychic/Sensitive Child

  • How parenting these kids is different

  • How to parent a Psychic/Medium Child

  • How to parent a Sensitive/Empath Child

  • A brief overview of the 4 main Clair abilities

But How Much?

This is a LOT of information! But I wanted to make it accessible to as many people as possible.


You get ALL of this information in a 7-Module course with slides to keep for only $111

This is over $1200 worth of information!

It has taken me YEARS of research and classes and resources to learn all of this information and put it all in one place for you

Now there is a resource that puts it all together and makes it easy to understand


I Want To Help...

I REALLY want you to learn everything you might need to know to be an amazing support system for your children. 

They Deserve It!

So I tried to make this course as detailed as possible!


Let's get started Clearing the Fear for our future!

This is a self-guided class and is available anytime you need it.

Just get your copy and start learning how you can help now!


I Hope To Help You And Your Little Lightworkers Very Soon!

Let's DO This!  Let's Clear the Fear for these little guys and make their lives easier than ours.  

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Well, alrighty then!