Is this you?…

  • Think you have Spiritual Gifts but aren’t sure

  • Know you have Spiritual Gifts but are scared shitless

  • Want to explore opening your gifts but have NO idea where to start

  • Need a safe and supportive environment to practice using your gifts

  • Want a deeper connection with your Higher Self and find your TRUE Life Purpose

If yes, then get in here!

Classmates are waiting image.jpg

This is a 6-week Live Class!

I will send you a reading assignment each week to go over and have questions ready for the Live get together.

We will meet once every week on a FB Live in a Private Group to go over the reading together and answer any questions that anyone has.


  •  All 4 Clair abilities - What are they?  How does it look when you first start?  How do you keep developing them?

  • How to use the 4 Clair abilities 

  •  Exercises to keep developing the 4 Clairs and keep getting stronger

  •  How to use your gifts safely 

  •  The "Rules of Engagement" - what are they and how do I use them?

  •  Safe and supported space to grow and learn new skills

  • A private FB group for you and your classmates to really get to know each other and to practice together

  • Access to Melissa each week for Q&A time

All of this is over $1,000 in value

You get it all for only $111!

Da hell?! I know right? I used to have this class priced much higher but I wanted to keep it accessible to all. So here we are. All of this yummy goodness for under $200!


Even in just a 6 week span of time, people are noticing HUGE changes in their abilities!  

Even I was shocked at the changes over the span of the class.

It doesn't have to take a long time to grow and expand if you are given the right tools.


Everything you need to grow and move forward with your gifts is included in this one class.

I try to make it easy and fun to get past the fears that are holding you back.


I got you dude!

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