Is this you?…

  • Think you have Spiritual Gifts but aren’t sure

  • Know you have Spiritual Gifts but are scared shitless

  • Want to explore opening your gifts but have NO idea where to start

  • Need a safe and supportive environment to practice using your gifts

If yes, then get in here!

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This class is here for you anytime you are ready.

You get to download the information and go at your own pace.

The class information and practice exercises are there when you need them.


  •  All 4 Clair abilities - What are they?  How does it look when you first start?  How do you keep developing them?

  • How to use the 4 Clair abilities 

  •  Exercises to keep developing the 4 Clairs and keep getting stronger

  •  How to use your gifts safely 

  •  The "Rules of Engagement" - what are they and how do I use them?

  •  Safe and supported space to grow and learn new skills


Even in just a 6 week span of time, people are noticing HUGE changes in their abilities!  

Even I was shocked at the changes over the span of the class.

It doesn't have to take a long time to grow and expand if you are given the right tools.


Everything you need to grow and move forward with your gifts is included in this one class.

I try to make it easy and fun to get past the fears that are holding you back.


I got you dude!

Click the button to get started opening your Gifts