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 HEY Bawse Chicks!

Do you want help with:

  • Overcoming Money Fears and Blocks

  • Working through fears keeping you stuck

  • Let go of all excuses and start going FULL OUT with life

  • Opening up to your Gifts

  • Finding your TRUE Life Purpose


Come and join other Bawse Babes working on it. Together we can get it accomplished!

In this membership we will support each other with:

  • Live Group Coaching

  • Lives and Readings only for members

  • 1-20 Min 1:1 Coaching with Melissa

  • Access to the Private FB Group

  • Discounts on Classes and Services

I will be adding more to this membership as we go along. This is just to get us started.


I know, how much right?

Look, if you were going to do all of this stuff individually it would be well over $300 a month.


I wanted to keep this affordable and accessible to everyone, so….you ready for this?

You get all of this goodness for only $29!


Yea, you heard me right.

So if you are ready to get started and get things moving…get in here!


Get in here and join us! Let’s get shit done!

If you are ready click below and get signed up. Then go look for an email from me with details on how to get into the Private FB Group.